The Young American
U.S. Tour 5 - Second Leg
Musicians David Bowie – vocals; Mike Garson (musical director) – piano, Mellotron; Earl Slick – lead guitar; Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar; David Sanborn – alto saxophone, flute; Emir Ksasan - bass guitar; Dennis Davis – drums; Pablo Rosario – percussion; Warren Peace – backing vocals; Ava Cherry – backing vocals; Robin Clark – backing vocals; Anthony Hinton – backing vocals; Diane Sumler – backing vocals; Luther Vandross – backing vocals.
The second leg of the fifth U.S. tour is commonly referred to as the Soul Tour (although sometimes called the Philly Dogs Tour). It resumed with a show in Saint Paul on 5 October 1974 and ended with a performance in Atlanta on 2 December 1974.
A total of 29 shows were performed in 16 different cities on this final leg (Philadelphia was visited twice). At least 13 other performances were either cancelled or rescheduled during this time. Full details for these shows can be found here. The Freddie Burretti blue suit was dropped in favour of a short checked jacket, beige trousers, blue shirt and large check tie. However, other outfits would sometimes be seen.
Setlist The shows would begin with a set by the ‘Garson Band’ who would play Funky Music; Baby Baby; I'm In The Mood For Love; Stormy Monday; Deep In The Heart Of Me; Love Train; Memory Of A Free Festival.   As ‘Memory Of A Free Festival’ came to an end, David would be announced and then appear onstage. There was no ‘standard’ setlist for these shows but there was a core set of songs that featured in most performances - but not necessarily in the same sequence: Rebel Rebel; John, I'm Only Dancing (Again); Sorrow; Changes; 1984; Moonage Daydream; Rock'n'Roll With Me; Love Me Do / The Jean Genie; Diamond Dogs; Young Americans; Can You Hear Me; Somebody Up There Likes Me; Suffragette City; Rock'n'Roll Suicide. ‘Space Oddity’ would sometimes open the show and, similarly, ‘Panic In Detroit’ and ‘Knock On Wood’ were occasionally played. ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ was performed during the early shows but was then replaced by ‘Foot Stompin’ / I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate’ in late October. The very last show of the tour saw ‘Win’ performed for the first (and last) time. Set Design The stage set for the Soul Tour was also designed by Jules Fisher.
Courtesy of MainMan Archives
Courtesy of MainMan Archives
Courtesy of Bob Gruen