The Young American
U.S. Tour 5 - First Leg
Musicians David Bowie – vocals; Mike Garson (musical director) – piano, Mellotron; Earl Slick – guitar; Carlos Alomar – rhythm guitar; David Sanborn – alto saxophone, flute; Richard Grando – baritone saxophone, flute; Doug Rauch - bass guitar; Greg Errico – drums; Pablo Rosario – percussion; Gui Andrisano – backing vocals; Warren Peace – backing vocals; Ava Cherry – backing vocals; Robin Clark – backing vocals; Anthony Hinton – backing vocals; Diane Sumler – backing vocals; Luther Vandross – backing vocals. Tour Programme A small black and white programme was issued for the shows at the Los Angeles Universal Ampitheatre:
The fifth U.S. tour kicked off on the West Coast of North America on 2 September 1974 with a week of shows at the Universal Ampitheatre in Los Angeles. It was basically an extension of the Diamond Dogs Tour although, by this time, David was bored with the production. The elaborate stage set was used for the last time in Anaheim on 16 September 1974.
A total of 11 shows were performed in 5 different locations. However, numerous cancellations following the Anaheim show created a two week break in the tour schedule and David used this time to rehearse for a new type of show for when it resumed. Full details for the West Coast shows can be found here. David still wore the Freddie Burretti blue suit but substituted the blue jumper for a white shirt.
Setlist The setlist for the first half of the show was identical to the previous tour. However, ‘Watch That Man’, ‘Panic In Detroit’ and ‘Width Of A Circle’ were dropped from the second half so that David could introduce new songs recently recorded at Sigma Sound. ‘Young Americans’, ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’, ‘John, I’m Only Dancing (Again)’ and ‘Somebody Up There Likes Me’ were tried out on the West Coast audiences.