The year begins with David continuing work on the 'Diamond Dogs' album whilst overseeing the recording of the Astronettes. Lulu's version of 'The Man Who Sold The World' is released and David helps her to record the backing track for an appearance on Top Of The Pops.
'Rebel Rebel' is released as a single in the UK. David appears on the Dutch Top Pop show and, whilst in Holland, makes some final adjustments to the 'Diamond Dogs' album. David attends the opening night of Mick Ronson's solo tour at the Rainbow in London.
MARCH 1974
Mick Ronson's 'Slaughter On 10th Avenue' is released featuring contributions by David. Also, released is Steeleye Span's 'Now We Are Six' LP on which David plays Saxaphone on one track. Lulu records 'Can You Hear Me' with David.
APRIL 1974
'Having left London at the end of March and spending time in France, David takes the SS France to New York. He checks into the Sherry Netherlands Hotel on Fifth Avenue and spends time attending concerts and piecing together a tour band. The 'Diamond Dogs' album is finally released (in the UK) after David agrees to having the artwork censored
MAY 1974
David reworks 'Rebel Rebel' for a US single release. The 'Diamond Dogs' album is also released in the US. Tour rehearsals take place in New York.
JUNE 1974
The opening show of the Diamond Dogs Tour at the Montreal Forum. 'Diamond Dogs' is released as a single to coincide with the opening of the tour. Two shows at the Toronto O'Keefe Centre go ahead despite David suffering with laryngitis.
JULY 1974
Concerts at Philadelphia's Tower Theater are recorded for a live album - 'David Live'. '1984' is released as a single in the US. The final show of the Diamond Dogs Tour is played at New York's Madison Square Garden.
During the break in touring, recording sessions start at the famous Sigma Sound Recording Studios in Philadelphia and continue for 15 days.
Touring resumes with shows at the Los Angeles Universal Ampitheater. 'Knock On Wood' is released as a single in the UK whilst 'Rock'n'Roll With Me' is released in the US.
Following a series of shows on the West Coast, the tour moves back to the East Coast. The 'David Live' album is released in the UK.
David records an appearance for the Dick Cavett Show in New York. He and Elizabeth Taylor announce that they are to appear in a film together - The Bluebird of Happiness. Recording sessions continue at Philadelphia's Sigma Sound Studios where David is introduced to Bruce Springsteen.
The final show of the Philly Dogs Tour takes place at The Omni, Atlanta. US TV broadcast the Dick Cavett Show. The 'Young Americans' promo video is filmed in New York.
The Young American