The Young American
Soul Tour Rehearsals
Five Years documentary Broadcast in 2013, this BBC documentary examined key periods in David’s career. The 1974 element used the rehearsals footage from Cherokee Studios with contributions from a number of collaborators and commentary by David:
At that particular time I was chopping and changing quite dramatically. The music that I was listening to was definitely the soul music that was really, really big in the clubs in America at that particular time. So, I kind of, you know, I tried to do my own version of that kind of music which was the basis of the Young Americans album. I’d become Soul Man.
Carlos had been able to introduce me to a lot of fantastic new musicians - one of whom was Luther Vandross.
There was no point in doing a straightforward take on American soul music because that’s been done already so I just wanted to put this spin on it. Eventually, of course, when the album came out it was very well received and it became… Young Americans became a very big album for me. I mean, I really sort of advanced myself. I was sort of… I was tumbling over myself with ideas.
Following the West Coast shows, David decided to ditch the Hunger City stage set and continue the tour in a less theatrical style, allowing him to showcase the new songs recorded at Sigma Sound. There was a 17 day break in the tour caused by cancellations and this time was used for rehearsals in Cherokee Studios, Los Angeles. Alan Yentob and crew were still on hand and footage of David rehearsing ‘Right’ was shown in the BBC’s ‘Cracked Actor’ and ‘Five Years’ documentaries (see below). Terry O’Neill was also present and some his photographs appeared in Melody Maker 12 October 1974.
At this stage there was a further change in the band line-up. Dennis Davis replaced Greg Errico on drums, Emir Ksasan replaced Doug Rauch on bass guitar and legendary saxophonist Charlie Brown came in to replace Richard Grando. Charlie Brown can be seen in the ‘Right’ footage. However, for some reason, he wasn’t present when the tour eventually resumed.
Click on the image below to view a fan-made video using the rehearsal footage:
Right (Nacho’s Redux mix)