The original version of this website was first published in January 2002 and it was my intention then - as it still is now - to piece together all that is known about the period to provide a factual account of a very important time in our hero's illustrious career. Earlier this year my ISP deleted all websites it was hosting so the site disappeared. However, I managed to recover an old version from my computer and found a new provider to host it - some of the links were broken but at least I had something to work from. Encouraged by a series of recent events, including the David Bowie Conference in Lisbon in September, I decided to revamp the site and this is the result. I’m still working through my own archive so this will be work-in-progress for some time to come. I am truly grateful to everybody who has, over the years, contacted me with their comments or has sent me information. Please continue to do so as there is still so much more to learn about this incredible period of David Bowie’s career. Chris Carter 22 October 2016
The Young American
News and Updates
18 January 2017 - Updates
Following a period of illness, loss of internet, Christmas, January blues etc, things are now back to normal so the site will be updated on a fairly regular basis again. This update includes: Added Images to some of the “Magazines” articles. Added new “Magazines” articles for Circus Raves November 1974 and Circus Raves June 1975. Added video of The Jean Genie with dubbed audio - edited by Nacho. Updated “US Tour IV Live Recordings” to relect the above. The next update will include a piece on the Diamond Dogs album cover. 23 January 2017 - Updates Created a new page – “Diamond Dogs Album Cover” with embedded links to “Rock Dreams”, “Terry O’Neill Photo Session” and “Freak Shows”. I am extremely grateful to Elizabeth “Crusher” McCarthy, Mark Russell and David Cantello for their contributions. Created a new page – “Diamond Dogs - An Unfinished Film by David Bowie”. Once again, I am indebted to David Cantello for allowing me to use this video. Updated “Acknowledgements”.
24 January 2017 - Updates Updated “Diamond Dogs Tour” page. Updated “Acknowledgements”. Corrected a number of broken links.
23 May 2017 - Updates Updated US Tour IV “Live Recordings”. Updated US Tour V “Live Recordings”. Updates “Special Publications” to include “Soul Love”.