The Young American
1974 Diary
JANUARY - Continued working on the ‘Diamond Dogs’ album and the Astronettes project at Olympic Studios. - Went to see ‘Metropolis’ with Amanda Lear and George Underwood. - Helped Lulu with her Top Of The Pops recording of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’. - Met Guy Peellaert for breakfast. - Photo session with Terry O’Neill for album cover (persuaded Peellaert to get involved). FEBRUARY - Mixed ‘Diamond Dogs’ album with Tony Visconti in his new studio (and bought him some furniture). - Went to Amsterdam with the family - wore Freddie’s ‘Carmen’ outfit. - Appeared on Top Pop TV show, received Edison award, did press conference. - More mixing of ‘Diamond Dogs’ in Hilversum. - Attended opening night of Ronno’s solo tour at the Rainbow. MARCH - Took delivery of Peellaert’s painting for the ‘Diamond Dogs’ cover (silly Jagger!) - Went to Peellaert’s ‘Rock Dreams’ exhibition in London. - Met Jules Fisher in London to discuss the ‘Diamond Dogs’ stage show in America. - Recorded ‘Can You Hear Me’ with Lulu at Olympic Studios - asked Ronno to add strings. - Travelled to Paris with Geoff. APRIL - Travelled to Cannes and then took the SS France to New York. - Checked into Sherry Netherlands Hotel on Fifth Avenue. - Re-recorded ‘Rebel Rebel’ for the U.S. market and did some more work with Lulu on ‘Can You Hear Me’ - met Carlos at the session. - Filmed TV ad for ‘Diamond Dogs’ with Cherry Vanilla. - Put a band together for the forthcoming tour! MAY -The ‘Diamond Dogs’ album was finally released after sorting out the dog’s dick on the cover! - Rehearsed for the tour. JUNE - Final tour rehearsals in Port Chester at the Capitol Theater. - First night of the tour in Montreal. - The cherry picker got stuck the second night in Ottawa. - Laryngitis on the third night (Toronto) but the show went on. - Had to cancel the first night in Detroit as there wasn’t enough time left in the day to set the stage up - fans disappointed - stayed in hotel. JULY - Played Tampa with no stage scenery owing to an accident with one of the trucks. Received a thunderous reception. - Joined Ava Cherry for her recording session at the famous Sigma Sound Studios. - Recorded 2 of the Philly shows for a live album. - Last show of the tour at Madison Square Garden. Partied afterwards with Jagger and Bette Middler. AUGUST - Spent 2 weeks recording new songs at Sigma Sound Studios - selected 7 tracks for the next album. - Invited the ‘Sigma kids’ into the studio on the final day to listen to the results and they loved it. - Took the train to Los Angeles for the next tour. - Photo session with Eric Stephen Jacobs for the next album cover. - Did another photo session with Terry O’Neill. SEPTEMBER - Started Tour 5 with a week of shows at the Universal Ampitheatre.  Large portions of one show were filmed for a BBC documentary. - After the last LA show went to a party for Al Green hosted by the Jacksons. - Met Elizabeth Taylor following the Anaheim show. Did a photo session with her and was introduced to John Lennon. - Ditched ‘Hunger City’ and rehearsed for the ‘Soul Tour’. OCTOBER - Resumed tour in St Paul, Minnesota on the 5th. - Spent time in Star Studio, Milwaukee with Earl Slick and Mike Garson working on the Ziggy Stardust soundtrack. - Did 6 nights in Detroit. - Filmed a TV ad for ‘David Live’. - Did the first 2 shows at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. NOVEMBER - Did 3 more shows at Radio City Music Hall. - Was interviewed by Dick Cavett for his TV show and performed 4 numbers. - Back to Sigma to do more work on the songs recorded there in August and to record some new ones. Was introduced to Bruce Springsteen on the final night in the studio. - Held a private party at Le Club Artemis after the show on the 25th which was ‘interrupted’ by the police. DECEMBER - Final show of the tour in Atlanta - performed ‘Win’ for the first (and last) time. - On to the Record Plant for more work on the new album. Bumped into Lennon there and started hanging out with him. - Did even more work  at Record Plant with Harry Maslin after Visconti returned to London. - Used a suite at the Pierre Hotel for making films starting with one based upon ‘Diamond Dogs’.
PLEASE NOTE: The above information was created using a font and is not David’s actual handwriting.